What data do you sync from HRIS and SSO?
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User Attributes

User Profiles on Café can sync the fields below with your HRIS data. You can also create Custom Attributes for additional fields.

  • Email,

  • First name,

  • Last name,

  • Position,

  • Bio,

  • Birthdate (just day and month, we don’t need the year)

  • Start date,

  • Home city,

  • Main office/location,

  • Languages,

  • Skills and Tools,

  • Favorite food,

  • Activities,

  • Music,

  • Sport,

  • Movies and TV Shows,

  • Book,

  • Phone Number,

  • Preferred Contact Method (Email, Slack, Text, Phone...)

  • LinkedIn URL,

  • Twitter URL,

  • Instagram URL

    + any custom attributes (Favorite color, Favorite number, Favorite animal...)

Org Chart Data

Department Data can be synced on Café to create different Teams and Managers. For each team, we need the following fields:

  • Team Name,

  • Team ID,

  • Manager(s),

  • Members,

  • Team Parent(s),

  • Team Child(ren)

Time Off Data

PTO can be synced on Café to automatically set statuses for users so they don't have to input the same information twice. For each approved time off, we need the following fields:

  • Date

  • Duration (day, morning, afternoon)

  • Status in Café (i.e. not working, holiday, sick...)

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