Supported Features

  • Create Users

  • Update User Attributes

  • Deactivate Users

  • Group push


You need an enterprise plan with the SCIM add-on.

Configuration Steps

  1. Add Café from Okta App Catalog

  2. Contact your account manager to get your authorization token and base URL

  3. In your Okta Dashboard, go into the Café application

  4. Then go into the Provisioning tab and edit the Integration settings:

    1. Enable API integration: checked

    2. Base URL: URL you got from Café

    3. API Token: token you got from Café

    4. Click the Test API Credentials button and Save

  5. Stay in the Provisioning tab and edit To App settings:

    1. Enable Create Users

    2. Enable Update User Attributes

    3. Enable Deactivate Users

    4. Click Save

Known Issues/Troubleshooting


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