No stress, all the actions that you are doing during this Onboarding can be modified afterward.

#1 Sign up to Café

Visit our Sign-up page and make sure to use your Business Email address from your company

#2 Create your Office(s)

For every Office, you need to specify

  • Name

  • Capacity (number of seats)

  • Emoji (optional)

#3 Create your Team(s) (Optional)

For every Team you need to specify

  • Name

  • Color (optional)

#4 Sync with Slack (Optional)

#5 Create your Profile

You need to add your:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Profile picture

Now select the Office(s) you are going to regularly

(Optional) If your Organization have Teams, you can select 1 or multiples teams

#6 Set your week

Now select the right Status for each day of the week:

#7 Invite your teammates (Optional)

  • You need to add your teammates' emails

  • Or, share them this following link:
    (please make sure they signup with the same business email as the one you've created the organization with)

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