What happens when someone books an Office day and the office is full?

The users will have to double-confirm their will to come to the office. If they do, the Office Manager will receive a notification to handle that overcapacity issue on a specific Day.

How can administrators handle this situation?

Café lets admins solve these conflicts in the Overcapacity Management Page. They have access to a list of data (like the Order of arrivals, Teams filters or the Personal schedule of every employee) 👇

Can I prevent people to book an Office that's full?

Short answer is "No"

If someone tries to book an Office day when it's full, it's maybe for an important reason or an emergency. Café notifies the Office Manager and let the admin resolve that conflict.

It's the best way to guarantee that there's a fair repartition of on-site day for everyone and that overcapacity issues can be solved before D-Day.

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