Premium plans

How much does it cost?

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Billing is only based on Usage

The pricing is based on a Per Active User, Per month subscription:

  • Is considered Active User an employee who went at least once to the office during the whole month.

It means that you will not have to pay for full-remote folks or if there's forced Work From Home situation.

Premium offers

🎁 There's a 14-days free trial for the premium offers, whether you're going with the Yearly or Monthly plan

Yearly plan

You will pay once a year for a specific number of employees. You may recruit or downsize your team during the year, so here's the 2 options then:

  • Team's getting bigger: we will bill you every month for the difference of usage between what was planned and the reality.

  • Team's getting smaller: we will give you credits for all the users that you've paid but haven't used.

Monthly plan

You will pay at the end of every month for the exact number of Active Users that used Café in the current month.

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