How do I add the Slack plugin?

On the Mobile app: visit your Profile tab >> Settings and click on "Sync with Slack"

On the Desktop app: visit your Preferences page, and click on "Synchronize Slack"

Make sure to select the right Workspace:

What's in it for me?

If your organization has activated the Slack integration, then you can synchronize your personal account to:

  1. Share your daily status in Slack

  2. Get your teammates' notification in Slack

  3. Set your statuses from Slack

  4. Receive a friendly reminder in Slack when you forget to set your statuses

How do I display "In a meeting 🗓" on Slack?

When you have both your Calendar and Slack synchronized, we'll automatically switch your daily status (Working remotely, In the office...) to "In a meeting 🗓" during your meeting and then roll back to your daily status. Find out how to synchronize your Calendar.

Create a #today-office channel every day

Admins can create an ephemeral daily channel that lists everyone who's going to a specific office today (i.e: #today-nyc-office). It enables conversation with people who're in the same office during that whole day!

To enable that feature, admins can go to the Organization settings and request that channel.

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